Friday, July 31, 2009


Looking to save money, with out sacrificing qualility? We have a quarterly Owner Appreciation Day, where Co-op members can save 10% off of their total purchases. Besides that, we have plenty of delicious things to try, raffles and gifts too! Here's the schedule:

September 20
December 20
March 20
June 20

See you at the store!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Workshops this Week

July 21 5:30 pm
Organic skin care with essential Oils. 5:30 pm at the Co-op classroom. The workshop is free, with an optional $15.00 supply fee paid to the instructor, so you can make and take home your own goodies. Really fun and informative!

July 25 11 am
Introduction to Raw foods with Maria Chavez. This has a $35 fee paid to instructor

Sign up for either of the 2 above workshops in advance so they don't get canceled!
You can sign up in our information room next to The Sol Deli, or email:


July 25 11 am Bill from Vital Scents will be doing a demonstration in the store and answering your essential oil questions from 11-3!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

What are you waiting for? A call to action!

Have a little extra time on your hands (through no fault of your own)?  Or are you someone who wants to make a difference in your world and need a place to start (or continue)?  We've just the thing for you. Volunteering on your Co-op's Board of Trustees (BOT) is a very rewarding opportunity. Notice my emphasis on the word YOUR. As a member- owner this "store" (oh, it's so much more than a store) belongs to you and a few other humans. It doesn't take a degree in business to be a BOT  member, although we won't turn you away if you have one!
Just a dedication to your Cooperative and a few hours a month is all it takes. The candidates for the BOT are elected by the member-owners of SNFC in October.  Don't let "running for election" scare you. There are no 'special interests' that will dog you and there is NO campaign fund to deal with!
Just a few of the REWARDS gleaned from serving your Co-op:
Great way to network
Looks good on your resume
Hang out with really cool people
Receive an extra discount on your Co-op purchases
Makes you feel good
You are contributing to the community
Doing your part to save the world from bad food, sweat shops, corporate farming, ect.....
Sounds good!  The sooner you call or write to us to find out more the better.  The Time is NOW. Contact Anita 425-334-4081 or Mollie at the Co-op:

Thursday, July 2, 2009

CSA News for Whidbey Island Folks

The Community Supported Agriculture Training Center at Greenbank Farm is pleased to report that 60 community members have invested in Whidbey Island’s newest farmers and the island's largest CSA.

Harvest boxes for members are discussed each Monday by Anza Muenchow, CSA Program Coordinator, and the CSA students. On Mondays, decisions are made about what to harvest that week, when it will be picked and who will be on the harvest team. Priorities for each row are discussed and tasks delegated. The students also send out a weekly newsletter including recipes.

The work that the CSA students and Anza have accomplished in a few short months is absolutely incredible. They have built a hoop house and a wash station, set up the field for irrigation, laid the irrigation hoses and drip tapes, set up over-head sprinklers, hauled water when they had to, started hundreds of organic seedlings, planted, weeded, harvested, attended classes and worked at the Farmers Market. Then they show up on Mondays to start the cycle again.

The CSA Training Center at Greenbank Farm is rooted in a long tradition of farming begun by the Phillips family in the early 1900's. In the 1930s, the Philips switched from dairy farming to berry farming; by 1972 the Greenbank Berry Farm was known as the largest loganberry farm in the United States. Chateau Ste. Michelle purchased the property and in 1995 negotiated with the national non-profit Trust for Public Land to sell all 522 acres of the Greenbank Farm to Island County, the Port of Coupeville and The Nature Conservancy.

The CSA Training Center works closely today with the Greenbank Management Group and the Port of Coupeville on a daily basis. It's a place where everyone is on a first name basis. Most importantly, it's a place where everyone is working to make agriculture a way of life once again at Greenbank Farm, create new farmers, and increase agricultural acres in production on Whidbey Island.